Our Director

WORDPRO was founded by Mr.Ajay S.Vaidya (The Chairman cum Managing Director of the firm) in the year 1998. The company grew its vision into one of the most trusted and reliable technology consultancies in the metro region.

Wordpro Computer Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Professional Software Company. Its head office located in Nagpur offers high standard of (ERP) solutions to Educational Institutions all over India; the product is named as CAS (College Administration System). We also have the banking sector as one of our successful domains for providing software solutions.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure that our clients should receive a full level of care, respect, thoroughness, comprehensivety and we expect that our hard-work and best efforts stand to their taste in practice in all respects. Because here in WORDPRO We believe that,”if people are shown the problems and then shown the solutions to them they will be definitely moved to act”. With CAS we have also taken care that the college records should be nicely stored through this software in a most efficient manner and the price of this software has also been kept in a very reasonable and affordable structure keeping in view our continuous team efforts of intellectuals in researching and properly modularizing the software for its fullest utility and future required services. Hence we are placing this software at your service so that the administrators can run the institutions, schools, colleges efficiently, help the faculties in all respects and can do much better to the students so that they are ready to explore each and every horizons of our needy world and would come up with some good actions for it. Let us work together to do whatever we can, to ensure them a successful future ahead.

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Some of Our Client Organizations

For over a decade, WordPro Computer Consultancy Services has proudly served the information technology needs of Educational sector, Banking domain, and commercial clients.

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