CAS ERP Modules


It is a structural module on which the complete administrative software has been built up with all the global parameters defined in it to understand the complete functioning of an institution comprehensively. It just acts as a hub between different modules to hold its integrity constraint.


Student information system is designed to store all the vital information about a student which is shared and updated from all other integrated modules. The system maintains all the details of a student from the point of admission to forever to the institution. Any information can be fetched at any point of time with a single click over the mouse. All the forms are user friendly and are provided with a search tool which helps a user in retrieving a student’s particulars.


It helps in maintaining all the information of an employee right from the date of joining the oraganization and it keep a track of all information like the designation, personal details, family details, etc. of an employee and generates all the reports related with AICTE, NBA etc.


The leave management system of CAS allows the employees as well as the students to generate online leave application followed by its acceptance and rejection notifications by the escalating authorities.


With CAS’s feedback management system the feedback activity becomes more effective and prominent and helps in improving the organization standard.


Healthy account system means healthy management. All institutes have to keep, up to date accounts for the smooth functioning of the institution. Only advance software can perform all types of accounting operations smoothly, the account module can generate numerous reports needed by the management for the periodical assessment.


It is an automatic fee receivable generation system as per the norms defined for the academic fees .Different types of fee structures can be defined such as academic, library, miscellaneous, etc. with the complete settings for them such as number of installments, any exemption given, span for installments, late fees if any. Program is completely parameter based, different combinational settings and dependencies can be defined.


Payroll management has always been a complex function that requires comprehensive, flexible solutions to fit the way you do business. With the salary module you can choose a mixture of services that best suits your needs .It’s a completely user defined payroll system.

Time Table

The time table module has been introduced to automate and analyze staff schedules efficiently. It automatically grnerates the timetable according to the passed parameters and fully using the available resources.


Library in any college deals with a delicate transactions of books those are worthy for knowledge. Library information system is the name of the package that saves all the time and energy over the manual work spent in organizing a library.


The Store Module Provided to you is more than everything that you might have expected in a store with the ease of efficiency, flexibility and accuracy. In addition the srore module leads you into next generation by providing mutiuser module that helps you to maintain the store faster than ever before.

Exam & internal Assessment

This module helps to keep the track of all the internal & external exams conducted in the college. It also keeps a track record of roll no. allotment and the seating arreangment of the candidates. Report writer tool enables the user to design the mark-sheet in user definable format.

Mark Sheet

The Mark Sheet module helps in maintaining the complete data record of marks scored in examination as per the desired format and also generates student wise mark sheets intantly. Also facilitates generatopin of mark sheets for internal as well as external examination.

Online Examination System

The web based online examination system of CAS gives a boost to the acdemic activity as it enhances the examination pattern with more options and makes evaluation equally easy.

Result Analysis

The result analysis system analyses the overall academic performance with regards to previous examinations and provides a detailed reporting of the area of improvements and excellence.

Training & Placement

The T&P module helps in conducting and materializing training programs for students and also provides the required information about the eligible candidates and the companies visiting the campus for recruitment, thus containing all the fields related to placement.


WordPro's Hostel module provides all the occupancy details with full requirements and amenities for the betterment of the occupants and also facilitates reservation facilities for students.


Vehicles are the mode of transportation for different purposes of the college. The information about the vehicles hired, bought, assigned to locations for pickup & drop facility are easily manageable with this module.


The alumni module keeps the track record of the entire alumnus associated with the organization and also of all alumni activities.


The communicator module helps to propagate & circulate useful and important information to the respective recipients through SMS or EMAIL Alerts.

Academic Monitoring System

This system maintains an up to date record of the academic activities of the organization thus giving a boost to the institution's academic culture.


In this era of immense competition in education domain, graphics and media plays an important role to enhance the technical skill of an individual thus CAS's E-LEARNING concept helps in cementing the knowledge gap thus furnishing a student into a skilled professional.

Web portals

This is unique feature provided by CAS. It provides a web portal for the college. The entire information is updated on the portal through which student, employee, management members, parent & guests can access the information with the giving privileges accordingly across the globe.

RF-ID & Biometric Compatibility

CAS is very much compatible with the RF-ID & Biometric concept which helps in keeping a strong vigil at the entry & exit points. Attendance as well as manages the accessing areas as privileged with records directly reflected in the database of CAS.

Recognition @ Entrance

A card swipe/thumb impression at the entrance to the officials room would make them easily aware of the entrants profile.

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